Company Profile/

Reliance Compliancy (RCI) was set up by experienced Industry Professionals with the aim of providing our clients with dedicated marketing Campaign Management.

RCI provides a Marketing Campaign Monitoring Solution which empowers partner clients to make informed decisions which could improve their Campaign ROI, and minimize network or regulatory interference. We have unparalleled expertise and knowledge on global markets – allowing partners around the world to have real-time visibility of their marketing campaigns, all supported by our dedicated staff. We take the time to understand our partners business which cements longevity in the relationship and places their objectives centrally to making our relationship work.

We have our Headquarters in Atlanta, USA but our CEO will be operating out of the UK providing leadership and coordinating the expansion of RCI to new clients & partners around the world.
Our typical clients are marketing companies, affiliate marketers, payment processors and network operators.

Our technology is designed with the client in mind. Campaigns will be uploaded into our Rel8Pro Software and our dedicated team located around the world will provide Compliancy reports on specific campaigns, which will provide pro-active risk management and client brand protection.

We are not a Compliancy Company that shares client information on campaigns and we do not issue Compliance Violation cards or sanctions. Our service means client empowerment to make their own decisions.