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Cinarra is a technology startup that is addressing the changing economics of an increasingly mobile society. By uniting mobile operators and their unique, ‘always on’ data assets, Cinarra unlocks real life data that makes it possible for marketers to match consumers’ online behaviors to their activities in the real world.

Founded in 2012, Cinarra is backed by leading investors including SoftBank who share the team’s vision of a new digital economy fueled by real time IoT-driven data.

Bridging the words of mobile operators, marketing analytics, and fraud detection with a new generation of technology, Cinarra unlocks the deep data held within mobile networks. Cinarra’s mediation platform allows operators to monetize their network data safely, securely, and in real time within their data centers, with operators in full control of their data assets. Cinarra technology allows for deeper understanding of consumer behaviors while offering novel fraud detection and location analytics services that benefit marketers, mobile operators, and consumers.

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Member Interview: Sundi Sundaresh, Cinarra

MEFTV speaks to Sundi Sundaresh, President & CEO of Cinarra who among other things discussed the challenges of handling consumer’s personal data responsibly – we asked how the landscape has changed for businesses in light of new regulation such as GDPR:

“Interestingly the landscape hasn’t changed for us very much, we’ve had very strong emphasis on privacy from the very beginning, from Softbank mobile, and in order to be compliant with Japanese privacy laws, and so we built that into the product.

Cinarra Interview: it’s time for MNOs to monetise their data

Advertisers are very good at understanding people’s online journeys. But offline? Not so much. Cinnara believes MNOs are sitting on location data that can fix the problem – and unlock huge revenues. MEF talked to Cinarra’s CEO Sundi Sundaresh…

If data is the new oil, then mobile network operators are sitting on lakes of the stuff.

Your carrier knows your name, address, gender, age and more. It also – crucially – knows where you are and where you’ve been.